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Dance and techno beat Japanese rock


Japanese rock, or J-Rock, is a group of distinct styles that draw mainly from rock, and are native to Japan. There are many groups within this broad genre. A few styles include, but are definitely not limited to: heavy metal, indie (not to be confused with Indies, an English term usually meaning independent Visual-Kei or Angura-Kei artists) and punk.

Top Artists

Girugamesh the Gazette Versailles Xjapan


Influenced by American and British rock of the 1960s, the first rock bands in Japan performed what is called Group Sounds, with lyrics almost exclusively in English. Folk rock band Happy End in the early 1970s are credited as the first to sing rock music in the Japanese language. Punk rock band


J-Rock is another fairly broad genre encompassing a sound similar to the alternative/rock sound of the West. Most of the bands are guitar and/or drum driven. Similar to the music industry of the U.S. and Europe, many rock bands work their way up through the ranks of the “indies,” or lesser-known bands signed to Independent labels.